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4 Reasons to Have Florals in the Home - And How to Add Them!

Spring is upon us, and with that comes resurgence of greenery and the invitation of summer via buds and flowers. For someone in interior design, this is also the time to incorporate florals into a space and infuse it with beauty and charm. Now, before you get all Miranda Priestly on me, hear me out. In my coastal town of Marblehead, boats are popping up in the harbor, daffodils are smiling, and the air is filled with a lilac aroma acting as a constant reminder that we have made it - winter is over! I believe the refreshing energy of walking outside and witnessing nature's reawakening should be brought into the home through styling elements so the good vibes never stop. Let’s break down why you should add florals and plants to your space, and how you can incorporate them into your home for a fresh, delicate, and inviting ambience.

Why Have Plants and Florals in the Home?

Every Space Should Have Something That is LIVING.

Outside of yourself, rooms in a home need a breath of life. While pillows, furniture, books, lighting, and other elements give shape, color, and definition to a room, plants and flowers literally bring life and energy to the space. Outside of being a fresh element, many plants are actually beneficial to your wellbeing, and can purify your home's air! Why not add them in!

Plants and Florals Can Hide Imperfections

Have a scrape on your wall from when your kids were little or exposed wires from plugging in your lamp? Adding a tall plant in a decorative pot can hide imperfections and draw the eye away from what you're trying to disguise behind it.

To Add Texture to the Space

There are so many beautiful and intricate plants and flowers on the market. Many have delicate features or bold shapes that will provide dimension to your room. A tall vase of foraged sprigs can bring height and drama to your kitchen island, while trimmed topiary or hydrangea bouquet can create an elegant and charming ambience.


Today’s design aesthetic is filled with white or navy. Especially on the East Coast. Bring some pigment into your space and have fun with the color or your florals and plants - after all, they are interchangeable and can always be updated!

How Can You Add Florals?

Living Plants

Bring the outside in by adding living plants to your home. Pending on your space and what it needs, go as big as a potted olive tree or as small as a succulent. Or, consider creating beautiful arrangements with various plant sizes and textures to add depth and interest to your space. No matter what, when planting your living decor, recycle that store bought container and be sure to use decorative pottery that matches your room. This will elevate your planting and create a great vignette in the room.

Cut Flowers

Back to DWP - I know, I know this seems “groundbreaking”, but cut arrangements really are the simplest and easiest way to bring flowers into the home. If styling isn't your thing, ask a local florist for help. If you like arranging, head to the garden center or on your weekly trip to the supermarket pick up an assortment and come home and get to work! Bouquets and arrangements should always have varying height and color - when buying flowers, look for a thriller, filler, and spiller!

Patterned Floral Decoration

Another way to embrace florals in your home is by incorporating floral prints and patterns into your décor. Floral wallpapers, drapes, and upholstery can add a chic and intended touch to any room. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a subtle accent, there are millions of designs to sort through. You can even start with a floral print as the center of your inspiration and use the colors to coordinate furniture, accessories, and wall paint to create a cohesive and balanced design.

While florals for spring is the obvious choice, it's a good one. Open your windows, pull the patio furniture out of the basement, and bring the outside in. Flowers and plants will help freshen up your home this season and bring a sense of tranquility and timeless elegance to space. Enjoy!

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