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Half United

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Living Swell Marblehead is proud to add three new styles of beautiful handmade earrings from Half United. We are selective about what we choose to add to our collection and the organizations we support. This line meets every criteria, beautifully designed, skillfully handmade, reasonably priced, and with the bigger picture in mind…a mission to fight hunger.

We love their products and we love what this company is doing to make a difference. Here is a little of the Half United story.

HALF UNITED was founded in 2009 by brother/sister duo, Christian and Carmin Black. Christian and Carmin’s up-bringing set the stage for the conception of HU. Their father, a pastor and carpenter, and their mother, an interior designer and restaurant owner, instilled in them a love for people, design, fashion, food and entrepreneurship. In 2008, with a combined investment of $200, HALF UNITED was up and running. 8 years and 600,000 meals later, HALF UNITED is working hard to attack the root causes of hunger, in an effort that is 100% funded by HU customers.

HALF UNITED’s mission is to fight global hunger using fashion. For every HALF UNITED product you purchase, you provide 7 meals for a child in need. Together with their giving partners, your purchases fund feeding programs in the USA, Fiji, Cambodia, and Haiti. To date, they have provided over 650,000 meals, and they project that through your support, they will be able to give 1 million meals by year’s end.

HALF UNITED is a retailer who has united two passions Fashion and Giving – to see lives changed and to empower you, the customer, with the opportunity to join in the global fight against hunger. They have built relationships with organizations that actively impact impoverished and marginalized communities, bringing hope and restoration through the use of sustainable programs that directly affect the lives of children.

These are the new styles we have added this season. Hand hammered brass and plated with gold, they would be a great addition to your earring collection. Feel good wearing them and feel even better about the purchase!

Making a difference here

From funding after school meal programs, to packing meals for the hungry, to planting and maintaining community gardens, to responding to natural disasters in the USA, at HALF UNITED we are consistently working to feed children right here at home.

HALF UNITED is a funding partner of The Food Bank, a volunteer partner at Mother Hubbards Cupboard, and recently completed a partnership with Port City Java that provided $13,191 to feed children locally! That’s enough to provide more than 50,000 meals for children in need!

Making a difference in Haiti

In Haiti, Half United works not only with children, but with their families as well, empowering parents by providing them with the jobs they need to provide for their children. Working with Haiti Made, an organization that employs Haitians full time. They believe that people in need don’t need hand outs, rather they need life empowering jobs to provide for themselves and their families, long-term.

Half United has partnered with Elevating Ministries to aid in funding a feeding program that feeds more than 5,000 Haitian students a day! Your HU purchases have funded the construction of numerous bread ovens and fresh grain that is used to feed children in need!

HALF UNITED metal goods are proudly manufactured in the USA at A&R casting in Los Angeles, California. Once manufactured, their team of hand makers assembles and puts finishing touches on the products at their headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina.

In an effort to provide jobs and empower families in Haiti, Half United also employs Haitian artisans to make all of the beaded hunger fighting styles.

Living Swell is happy to introduce you to Half United. Feed. Empower. Sustain.

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